Path to Entrepreneurship – Russ McCray Sold His Business To Booz Allen for $53 Million – BtG 019

Path to Entrepreneurship – Russ McCray Sold His Business To Booz Allen for $53 Million – BtG 019

On the Show Today

Russ McCray

CEO and President of KOR

What You Will Learn

  • Russ started from very humble beginnings with a family on food stamps
  • Classmates and fellow Black Academy grads formed a tight bond that helped make it through and formed lifelong bonds
  • Worked as a contracts officer in the Air Force and got out after 3 years
  • Participated in Warriors to Wall Street to get exposure to finance industry
  • Worked for KB Home to get exposure to the real estate industry
  • Prepare yourself for the reality that you’re not irreplaceable
  • Find ways to add value to an organization
  • Building a mastery of the facts helps develop credibility
  • Nobody can take your education away from you, so Russ pursued education continuously soon after graduating from the Air Force Academy
  • Learned about opportunities in defense contract at DCMA
  • Joined SPARC, LLC. Startup with 7 people and an idea to win in the software development space
  • Helped built and the company to $43M in annual revenue and sold it for $53M
    • One key skill was to help analyze and articulate risk to the company
  • Now lives as an entrepreneur in multiple industries
  • Important to stay humble and hungry
  • Time management is critical

Russ started his life with simple means and has built a budding empire. Listen as he discusses his rise from military to entrepreneur step by step.

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I'm a husband, father of 3 boys, Christian, and man who learned from my parents early on that there is so much we can do to help others. My experience from the USAF Academy, serving in the military, working in my own business, as well as corporate, has taught me a ton about leadership and developing others and Breaking the Glass is a legacy project to pull all of those experiences together and give back.

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