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Montoya Smith aka Black Socrates

Montoya Smith Has a Media Platform That is Changing the Narrative in the Black Community – BtG 020

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Montoya Smith is also known as the Black Socrates and is the founder of Mental Dialogue. This show reaches people all across America giving self-awareness to the community and dedicated to improving the way African-Americans think in order to reposition themselves in American society.

Mental Dialogue was created in 2008 to raise awareness and re-ignite the commitment to excellence in the Black conscience. Smith made it his vision to establish an outlet for intellectual awareness through dialogue on philosophy, history, and current events. In November 2014 Smith conducted a “Know Your Rights” community workshop to teach the dynamics of dealing with law enforcement during stops. In November 2015 Smith moderated the “Project Smart-N-Up” community discussion, which looked at solutions for improving the relationship between the African-American community and law enforcement.

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