From Being Homeless to Becoming a Dr. Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu is Healing Patients and Communities – BtG 016

From Being Homeless to Becoming a Dr. Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu is Healing Patients and Communities – BtG 016

On the Show Today

Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu

Shauntelle is a Family Medicine Doctor

What You Will Learn

  • Grew up with a single mother and little sister came when she was 8
  • Inspire to be a doctor by watching development of her baby sister
  • Wanted to be a role model to the community
  • Mother’s work injury meant a loss of income and ultimately struggle and homelessness
  • Father was not present until later in life due in part to drug addiction
  • Straddled two worlds – went to a school seeing privilege and lived at home
  • Went to Xavier University in New Orleans – wanted to go to an HBCU
  • Majority of Black Doctors graduate from Xavier
  • Xavier set high standards socially and academically and supported students to succeed
  • Discovered brilliance and diversity among the Black community
  • Osteopathic Medicine is using your hands to fix problems that are usually fixed by drugs
  • Applied for every scholarship imaginable and worked to pay for college and medical school
  • Medical school took 17 hours of class and study during classroom rotations
  • At the bottom of the totem pole as medical school student, but performed each lowly job in hospital rotations with excellence
  • Dealt with blatant discrimination at medical school
  • Found the perfect program for residency
  • Learned how to deal with the emotions of being a doctor handling highs and lows of different patient outcomes and scenarios
  • Worked in NHSC, FQHCs where management issues abounded
  • High-quality care is often based on patients thinking you care and you can show that by listening
  • Volunteers to lead minority medical associations┬áto help health in the Black community and serve as an example

This is my favorite interview ever and will always be. I got the privilege to talk about her story of becoming a doctor.

She grew up with a single mother and her little sister. When her mother was injured on the job, she could no longer work and her family fell on hard financial times. There were periods of time when they were even homeless. Instead of stopping her, it motivated her even more to achieve her dream.

Listen as you learn about the adversity she overcame to become a doctor. Then hear how she became a doctor respected by her peers and beloved by her patients. She’s healing people and healing her community.

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TQ Senkungu

I'm a husband, father of 3 boys, Christian, and man who learned from my parents early on that there is so much we can do to help others. My experience from the USAF Academy, serving in the military, working in my own business, as well as corporate, has taught me a ton about leadership and developing others and Breaking the Glass is a legacy project to pull all of those experiences together and give back.

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