From the Cook Line to Owning a Chick-fil-A Franchise at 26 with Kayla Griffin – BtG 004

From the Cook Line to Owning a Chick-fil-A Franchise at 26 with Kayla Griffin – BtG 004

On the Show Today

Kayla Griffin

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of parents teaching grit
  • The regret that can come with not following through with a commitment
  • Everybody sucks their freshman year
  • What can education allow you to do with it once you possess it
  • Starting at the bottom at Chick-fil-A
  • Importance of preparation
  • Be the best at what you do
  • There’s value in loving what you do
  • Great talent demands recognition
  • Success is built on great talent
  • Think big decisions over first
  • Have voices around you that will provide guidance and ears that will listen
  • The value of experience over pay
  • Every dollar in a small business is income for a small business owner
  • Grand opening job gave insight to other company opportunities
  • Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
  • Surround yourself with greatness – birds of a feather flock together
  • Be patient in search of your goal
  • Harder to get into chick fil a
  • Is the pain of quitting higher than the pain of enduring
  • Develop grit
  • Never close doors for yourself
  • Pursue your goal with passion
  • There is joy in achieving a long fought goal
  • If you put your best foot forward if you give your best great things will come
  • The power of mentorship
  • Be humble enough to receive mentorship
  • Make sure you’re getting poured into so you can pour out
  • What you need to know to be a good franchise owner
  • When you succeed as a young Black woman, people are watching you as an example

Kayla Griffin became the owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise at just 26 years old and it all started when she had just stopped running track at the University of Florida. She was in Los Angeles working on an internship program with the Los Angeles Unified School District Athletic Department. Kayla needed some extra money and decided to apply to work at Chick-fil-A. She started at the bottom, cooking and cleaning bathrooms.

Little did she know her hard work and commitment to excellence in everything would start the path down a career that would see her as a manager of the franchise which was making a move into LA. She was soon traveling around the country leading the opening of new stores preparing for her ultimate goal.

She wanted to own her own franchise and after three years of interviewing, being turned down, waiting, and taking a demotion in position, she became the owner of a new Chick-fil-A franchise in the heart of Marina Del Rey, a highly sought after location.

Listen as she tells her story.

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