Otis Hooper – Qualified for Mr. Olympia, American Ninja Warrior and Iron Man Triathlete – BtG 005

Otis Hooper – Qualified for Mr. Olympia, American Ninja Warrior and Iron Man Triathlete – BtG 005

On the Show Today

Otis Hooper

Otis Hooper is an Air Force Pilot as well as IFBB Pro Body Builder, Mr. Olympia competitor, Iron Man Triathlete, American Ninja Warrior competitor, and actor.

What You Will Learn

  • Value of organizing your time
  • The power of support of a community
  • Shoot for the highest level you can at whatever you’re doing
  • Focus on the most important thing right now – switch by switch or step by step
  • Be able to work outside of the checklist
  • What it’s like to fly over the World Trade Center two days after Sep 11, 2001
  • The importance of listening
  • Changing on the inside helped with changing on the outside
  • Power of accountability to achieve greater results
  • Start small with one push up and one sit up
  • Establish a goal that is somewhat scary with an end date
  • Focus on your best, not the competition
  • Get a good mentor and trust your mentor
  • Be willing to take a risk and fail and learn
  • How to train for an Iron Man competition in only 5 months
  • The power of pursuing something greater than yourself
  • Mindset shift needed to get through tough times
  • Be undeniably great

Otis Hooper was sitting on the couch when he challenged his kids with eating right and getting in shape and they shot it right back at him and he knew it was time for a change. He got started on a workout plan that led to him winning every award in his first fitness competition. Before long he won enough to qualify for Mr. Olympia competition, where Arnold Schwartzenegger once competed!

He went on from there to compete in an Iron Man Triathalon and American Ninja Warrior along with becoming a finalist in the Ultimate Men’s Health Guy competition appearing on the Today Show. And now he’s into acting as well.

The amazing thing is that he did all of this will progressing in a career as an Air Force pilot. So he flew planes during the day and gets his workout in where he can and doesn’t hesitate to hang out and spend time with his children.

You’ll learn how he had to change on the inside before his outer transformation could be complete. Then with someone to be accountable and audacious goals, he had tremendous success. Listen and enjoy.

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