I’m TQ Senkungu a leadership evangelist. My background at the US Air Force Academy, as an active duty officer, a corporate professional, entrepreneur, and nonprofit professional are all coming together to make this show a fun educational experience for all including me.

TQ Senkungu

Welcome to the Breaking the Glass Show – BtG 001

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Breaking the Glass is the fruition of years of thought and planning. In this episode, you’ll learn why I made this podcast in more detailĀ along with who it’s for, which is everyone even though it’s aimed at people of color. But white people have a lot to gain listening as well and are welcome.

I also talk about the show format which is long form interview and then you’ll get to know me and see a little about the humor, experience and focus I bring to the table.

I know you’re going to enjoy the show and we will build a community of Glass Breakers together.

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Click here to hear the first interview, Episode 2 with Bryce Fisher now.

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